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It’s one thing to have an amazing product or service, but the bigger challenge is gathering and engaging with prospects who need it. The B2B buying decision is different and the B2B sales funnel is complicated. The buying process is long, and you’ve got competitors.

Businesses across unrelated sectors have identified the following three biggest challenges that they face in getting new clients. These are:

- Gaining their attention

- Demonstrating value

- Staying in touch and starting the relationship

Icebreakurz’s end to end Sales enablement services will allow your sales team to spend more time in personally meeting your potential customers and closing sales deals, rather than spending that in prospecting activities. We will create qualified appointments for your sales team which, in turn, will assist you in acquiring new clients. We work with you to create a quality, custom-designed campaigns that produces results at affordable prices. We nurture your Prospects and Engage them continuously, so then your sales team can engage at the right time and close the sale.

Icebreakurz’s services lends itself well to multiple industries. We have successfully worked with leaders across multiple industries to help them increase their brand awareness, market reach and to get in front of decision makers – leading directly to revenue generation.

Following are the industries that we cater our sales services suite to –

- Financial Sector

- Insurance

- Healthcare

- Real Estate & Construction

- Tourism & Travel

- Research & Consulting

- Aviation and Airlines

Credibility, trust and relationships are critical to make sales – and it always requires constant nurturing of prospects till they are ready to sign on the line. This is where our services will provide you with much needed sales bandwidth and make it seamless for your sales team to Engage and Sell with multiple prospects easily and ensure that no prospect is left behind.

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