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Lead Generation

Adam Smith, 18th-century philosopher renowned as the father of modern economics wrote on the greater productivity brought about by the division of labor and technological innovation over 250 years ago. Smarter organizations are implementing those time proven concepts to achieve Sales success in the modern connected world.

For best sales outcomes, many leading organizations are dividing their Sales efforts into two parts – Demand Generation and Deal Closure. They are letting their Sales team do what they do best – close the deal – and are having the job of lead generation and demand creation handled in a scientific way by Icebreakurz which leverages multi- channel sales and business development strategies to power the sales pipeline.

Icebreakurz’s lead generation services is in essence are extension of your sales team. It exponentially multiplies your sales bandwidth, allows you to market your services and products easily to a broader set of prospects, powers your sales pipeline and enables your sales team to focus on client interactions and deal closures. We leverage almost all levers available in the market including digital marketing techniques, linked in marketing, attended and unattended automation, list generation, research and calling to get to the right set of leads and decision makers for your sales team.

B2B Appointment Setting has been the key of generating new business opportunities since a long time. Many businesses invest in getting a professional and robust appointment setting and lead generation engine to ensure that no prospect is left behind.

Scheduling a qualified sales appointment is not at all an easy task. It typically takes multiple phone conversations and/or an exchange of multiple emails by a professional who is specially trained to make cold calls and can handle multiple rejections before getting an appointment with a decision maker. With our Lead generation services, we make sure that your sales team is meeting up, only with the highly qualified and potential prospect customers. This will allow your sales team to spend more time meeting your potential customers and closing sales deals, rather than in prospecting efforts.

We all know that Sales people can schedule their own appointments – Yes, they can, but is that the best use of their time? Sales people should focus on closing deals, not finding. Time spent looking for leads means hours lost working on qualified opportunities. Building an effective inside sales team is equally difficult – it requires time to plan, hire, train, re-train, and manage. It’s tremendously expensive and time-intensive.

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