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IT Services

Icebreakurz has worked with end to end continuum of IT services companies to help them improve sales results and make their sales teams extremely productive. We speak your language and work closely with your sales team to deliver the right outcome for them.

We fulfill the key goal of Sales teams of meeting with senior decision makers who are qualified buyers. Whether you are in the business of selling IT services exclusively or a mix of technology products and services, you face many challenges. Decision makers are busier than ever, inundated with offers, and they don’t always have an opportunity to truly understand your value proposition.

IT buying process is getting more complex and market has got extremely competitive. We have worked with multitudes of IT product and services companies to help them boost sales results and increase revenue. Icebreakurz’s overall services suite are a get enabler to ensure daily prospecting, increased cross-selling, upselling, and account penetration so your entire team sells the full solution set once they have got an opening inside one business area.

Icebreakurz will screen out the unqualified buyers in the early stages of prospecting and focus clearly on qualified prospects. This will allow your sales team time and bandwidth to convert them to qualified buyers.

IT Services Industry is the core competency of Icebreakurz. Our leadership team has lead large portfolios and senior sales roles for the leaders in the Industry. We understand the IT services space extremely well. and can successfully take your value proposition to the market.

We have worked with leaders in IT industry to help sell the following services suite for them

- Transformational IT Services

- ERP packages – SAP, Oracle

- Sales Force, Dynamics

- DW and Business Intelligence

- Infrastructure management services

- Mobility services and solutions

- IT Strategic Consulting

- Product version/ Platform upgrade

- Cloud Services

- Independent Testing


- System Integration

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