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Feet on the Ground

Sales force outsourcing is fast emerging as a strategic solution to building and/or supplementing a direct Sales team without the associated capital costs and management overhead of recruiting and training in-house sales people; not to mention the associated difficulty of find and attract the right sales talent in the first place. Many organizations are strategically taking Sales feet on the ground coverage in the geographies where they have limited or no Sales team on the ground. Remote Sales managers can in theory cover your existing accounts/ geographies but the travel cost and other living expenses continue to add quickly up besides resulting in missed revenue opportunities that could rightfully have been yours.

Icebreakurz brings a team of highly experienced Sales Professionals who are career sales professionals with proven and strong sales pedigree. They have represented industry leaders in front of marquee client names and are well versed in selling to C-suite as well as middle management levels. Our FOG offering makes us an ideal partner for companies with limited in-house sales expertise. Compensation is structured to include a base monthly fee with a potential commission schedule. This can be customized to your individual situation and preference.

Icebreakurz’s FOG Sales reps operate as if they are part of your company, developing direct customer relationships, and only representing one client within each defined market or sector for a specified term. They usually serve a geographical or an industry sector where they have existing relationships and network that can be leveraged to drive the revenue early on. With us, you continue to have the requisite control of the entire sales process in terms of sales activity, target markets, pricing, etc, in the same way as an employed sales force.

Our Sales FOG provides gives you tremendous flexibility and control, You have no long term commitment to the FOG Sales force and you get the right talent to sell your product, or services. Our experienced FOG can help you to penetrate complex markets and verticals, develop new markets or grow market share in existing markets for you. The speed to market, getting experienced teams from the get go, less overhead than hiring internally as well as outcome based pricing model will ensure that you get the desired sales outcomes and most importantly, results.

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