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Events Marketing

Professional Events and conferences are a great opportunity to meet industry leaders, important decision makers and to forge enduring relationship with them. This high potential prospecting opportunity comes with its own caveats namely –

- It's difficult to get noticed at large events

- And decision makers at events tend to be surrounded at all times

- In addition, Sales Team doesn’t have band width to pre-plan for events

- Plus, Post conference follow ups doesn’t always happen

- Leading to ROI becoming questionable

We have been there and done that.

Our advisory services will ensure that you avoid expensive and time-consuming Sales and delivery experiments and you have the right advice and strategy before you make those investments.

Working with our sales professionals will ensure that your organization achieves the right outcomes, their risk is minimized, and success is maximized. We work with CEOs, CSOs and Senior sales leaders of client’s organizations to provide them with the following Sales advisory services–

- Development of Sales Strategy, SWOT analysis and Go-To-Market strategy

- Game Plan to Compete, Win and Grow

- Create As-Is and To-Be plan to achieve your Sales objectives

- Execute the action plan and road map created above

- Align your offerings with the right target segments – by revenue, verticals and Geos

- Enhance the positioning and Branding of your services and products

- Hire the needed Sales resources for you – both full time and on Contract

- Establishing consistent and repeatable sales processes

- Managing your sales team and holding them accountable

- Maximizing the effectiveness of marketing investments

- Aligning product strategies with channel strategies

 Creating a more capable salesforce

Which deal advisors, forums, conferences and events should be targeted

Which capability and offering should be added

Sales Events and conferences studies have shown that up to 75% of the leads that are gathered at trade shows are not contacted, are contacted too late or are ignored. This compromises top line revenue growth and wastes the investments made in the event.

Icebreakurz’s events and conferences appointment scheduling services help you maximize the investments that your organization has made in attending the Sales events. We ensures that your Sales team get to meet with number of important pre-selected decision makers in person while at the event and the leads generated at the conferences are properly qualified and followed through in a timely and professional manner. Our events and conferences services include the following –

- Icebreakurz will create & execute pre-event marketing and reach out strategy

- We will Call & leverage digital marketing channels to reach out to Your chosen decision makers

- Confirmed meetings for your Sales teams with chosen decision makers at the event

- In addition, we’ll make your mini-events within the conference very well attended

- With Extensive Post meetings follow ups & constant nurturing of leads/ realtionships

- Guaranteed strong ROI delivered to your marketing events

- Outcome based model – payment tied to achieving the agreed ROI

- We will ensure that Sales team is meeting up, only with the highly qualified and potential prospect customers.

Unleash your potential.

Learn how Icebreakurz's years of experience shapes the global market towards innovative platforms and advanced services in lead generation.