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Data Services

The only way to find and engage the right prospects is to start with the right contacts lists and databases. Industry research proves that about 33% of database goes bad each year and approx. 25% of databases have errors that prevents Sales team from being effective. Organizations spend tons of time, funds and resources on their marketing automation program, whose complete ROI couldn’t be obtained due to errors in their prospecting and contacts databases that prevents them from effectively targeting audience.

In addition, Cleaning up your database in preparation for marketing automation is a must to protect organization’s sender score and sending reputation. The higher your score (with reduced bounce back), the better your chances of getting your emails delivered to a person’s email inbox. To have a higher sender score, its important to have valid email addresses in your CRM.

Icebreakurz provides a comprehensive and accurate solution to address this. With us, your Sales team will spend less time searching for targeted lead lists of companies and more time in reaching out to the right decision makers.

Our Data services will provide you with accurate and de-duplicated data. Our data testing and evaluation process ensures data cleanliness, freshness and is guaranteed to be at least 90% accurate. Our Data offerings includes the following services –

- CRM Clean up

- Contact List Generation

- Specialty and Niche customized lists

- Enrich your existing contact lists and databases; add missing info

- Detailed Campaign plan (target companies, titles, name of decision makers)

- Identify target companies and decision makers for your offerings and services

- Get direct contact info, email id, Linkedin profile, location et al for each of them

- Target accounts profiling

- Future proof your data – get automated periodic updates to the data

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