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Business Services

Global Business Services sales team at Icebreakurz helps organizations achieve higher levels of efficiency, performance, value and impact to their Sales outreach process by bringing speed, scale and agility to it. Our services allow our business services clients to enter a new market more easily, reach out to a much broader set of prospects and to be in front of the decision makers long before their competitors.

To win and grow in today’s fast-paced, global business environment, businesses need an innovative sales engine to propel their business services proposition to markets they service. We work with our clients starting from Sales strategy design to its execution and ensure that the sales results achieves are predictable and sustainable.

The first interaction makes a lasting impression. At Icebreakurz, we put enormous effort in understanding your business which enables us to speak your language during the sales outreach, lead generation and lead qualification process and become a true extension of your sales team.

External sales teams can quickly complement your current sales team and enable your sales team to work smarter, not harder. There are unique skills needed for each part of the sales process. That’s why having a set of sales professionals who can do lead scouting for your business is fast becoming an effective and logical way to work smarter in the sales journey. In fact, majority of sales leaders agree that having a dedicates team to take your message to the market enables them to scale faster.

Organization need to move fast to stay ahead of the competition. Icebreakurz’s Sales models allows them to achieve this and create a sales engine that is flexible and responsive to a dynamic marketplace resulting in maximizing sales efficiencies.

The most important question for many business services firms is – How to reach out to prospective clients who need their services? Icebreakurz today works with leaders in the industry as a true extension of their sales team and enable them to solve this problem in a very efficient, cost-effective and scalable way.

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