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B2B Platforms

Our B2B platform sales approach is run with one single objective in mind – creating sales-ready leads for the sales team. Our B2B platform sales team id totally focused on ensuring that your Sales pipeline is strong through the year. To get there, we leverage multiple channels including social media, Outbound lead generation, inbound marketing, digital marketing, content syndication, predictive analytics et al.

Today’s B2B Platforms companies differentiate on product superiority but compete on relationships. Initiating new leads and nurturing the prospects till they are ready to buy is an important aspect of business growth albeit a time-consuming one that sucks up the bandwidth of product sales team every single day. This is especially true in more complex transactions that involve SAS, outcome based pricing models and the sales that require extended interactions before a long-term business deal is signed. Icebreakurz allows B2B product Sales team to focus on high value activities like staying in front of clients and actually closing the deals while we take care of the rest of the sales activities.

Our B2B platform sales team brings the following to you:

- Out-bound lead generation

- Nurturing your Sales prospects

- B2B Marketing Strategy

- Marketing/Sales Alignment

- Attended and Unattended Marketing Automation

- Digital Marketing

- Inbound Marketing

- Web-visitors and marketing campaign analytics

- Account Based Marketing

- Post Meeting follow ups

Unleash your potential.

Learn how Icebreakurz's years of experience shapes the global market towards innovative platforms and advanced services in lead generation.